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The current climate debate does not pass us by and we thought about what we can contribute to climate protection. Especially our projects which require a stay in an intercontinental foreign country are very CO2 intensive.

As part of our website relaunch 2 months ago, we have also added the so-called Transparency page. There we collect useful and informational backgrounds about our work. For example which services, software or travel services we use. We also show the production costs in Euro for each country in which we have carried out productions or within Germany even the city.

In the last 10 years we have had international production sites (outside Europe) in South Africa, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Thailand and the USA. For all these works we have used intercontinental flights.

Within Europe there were also flights that we remembered.

Within Germany we got along very well with the use of the German railway and thus the climate here optimally lived.

Which of course is not the case with intercontinental flights. That's why we started searching and came across portals for CO2 offset payments. Here we liked the projects of above all. They offered support for projects located in the countries, in which we produced.

Therefore we have decided to make a CO2 offset payment to a project of for all our flights in next months. We will start with the first flights we have flown and work our way step by step to the present. During 2020 we will get to the point where we make a CO2 offset payment when we book a flight.

In order to make transparent which payments we have made and to which project these have flowed we will add three more columns to the lists "International production costs" and "European production costs" on our Transparency Page. The CO2 relevant transport vehicle, the carbon offset fee and the project that was supported will be added.
On our international locations we also use mainly public transport.

We hope to set a good example and motivate others to do the same.

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