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Nemeth/Star Productions productions are non-profit productions and without any external sponsoring body. It's our believe in the non-profit idea that leads us to use exclusive Creative Commons Music in our productions. All the video and picture materials incl. the original sound which are produced for our productions are 100% made by ourselves. Our purpose makes it possible for us not beeing forced to licence external video, audio or picture materials.
The Knowledge which is used in our productions cames from many different sources. Maintainly from our personal research at the production places. The Open Source Knowledge Database Wikipedia is also one of our sources from information.
We also want to give you an View to our on location places. Follow the link to enjoy some pictures from our production places.
Do you have Questions about our projects? Don't hesitate to write an E-Mail to us.



- Various Written productions


- Captured (The Miniseries) a written production. (4 episodes)


- Fluchtpunkt (Vanishing Point) a written production. (45 episodes in 4 Seasons)


- Ungeklärt (Cold and Open) a written production. (60 episodes in 5 Seasons)


- Spring Break - The 5-Part Miniseries (2007) a written production.


- Inside a Volunteer Year in South Africa, under the former name Nemeth/Star Corp. (20 episodes in 2 seasons)


- Phakathi eSoweto (Inside Soweto) - A 32 minutes documentary under the former name Nemeth/Star Corp.
- Inside Ethiopia - Season 1 under the former name Nemeth/Star Corp. (3 episodes) Online version of 2018 by Nemeth/Star Productions.


- CitySpeedView - Season 1 (4 episodes)
- #RightNow - Season 2018 (8 episodes)
- Inside Ethiopia - Season 2 (1 episode)


- Special Events - The short Movies (several episodes)
- SPACE-FRIDAY - Season 1 (5 episodes)
- Jozi ngaphakathi - A documentation about the city of Johannesburg.
- Jozi ngaphakathi: Cradle of Humankind - A documentation about the Cradle of Humankind, close to Johannesburg.
- #RightNow - Season 2019 (24+ episodes)


- Phakathi eSoweto (Version 2020) - A 32 minutes documentary about Soweto
- SPACE-FRIDAY - Season 2 (Spring 2020 - several episodes)
- #RightNow - Season 2020 (X episodes)

Map with all of our Headquarters, production and filming sites

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Filming, Traveling, VoiceOver, Hosting - all this is not for free.
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