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Protest against Article 11 & Article 13 of the new EU copyright reform

The European People's Party (EPP) under the lead of Axel Voss wants to establish new EU Copyright reform which introduce upload filters for online platforms and extra copyright for news sites.

The EU reform in this way threats the freedom on the internet and censors Creators. We are also Creators and our work is directly under attack by this law when we publish our work on YouTube or other social media platforms.

As citizens of the EU and as people who believe in a free and democratic world and an uncensored internet, we can not sit at home and do nothing when our freedom is at stake.

Take action and talk to your local politicans who are your representives in the EU parlament

MEP Julia Reda informs about the EU copyright reform

c't uplink 26.7: EU-Urheberrechtsreform