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Founded in 2003 in the city of Koblenz, Nemeth/Star Productions was first focused in written Productions. From the beginning the focus was on non-profit Productions in general.
In 2007 Nemeth/Star Productions began expanding into the field to video trailer productions.
Around 2011 Nemeth/Star Productions expanded the video-trailer productions to full video- and audio productions. The first projects were only available for a number of people. In the same year the decision was made to publish the trailer productions on YouTube.
In January 2012, Nemeth/Star Productions moved his headquarters to Frankfurt am Main.
End of 2012 preparations started on the first video documentary projects with the aim of publishing them on YouTube. Written Productions were pushed into the background were the video-trailer production continued.
In 2015, the first big Original documentary production was published on YouTube, after 1 year of filming.
In 2016 the plan was developed to expand the video documentary productions and a one year plan was created to produce several projects. In knowledge that maybe one year is to short the plan was expanded to 2018 and partly 2019.
The expansion plan was modified a few times and in March 2017 the decision was made to bring Nemeth/Star Productions to an independent plattform. The idea of an own website was born and the creation started. After a long basic development, the website was opend to several Beta Users which had a big influence to the further development of the website.
The expansion plan forced the video-trailer productions to the background and also the Written productions were stopped completely.
In April 2018 the website went online for the first time. Today we welcome you to our website and hope that you like the available content.
With our FAQ page, we hope to bring you more details about our website and how we want to archive our future aims. For Feedback and Questions you can send us an email.
For more details about us and our projects visit our Wiki.

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05.12.2018: [ENGLISH] We welcome guest writers to our blog

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09.12.2018: [GERMAN] Verzicht auf Deutsche Blogbeiträge ab 2019
05.12.2018: [ENGLISH] SPACE-FRIDAY Series project page is online
05.12.2018: [GERMAN] SPACE-FRIDAY Series Projektseite ist nun online
04.12.2018: [ENGLISH] Inside a volunteer year in South Africa project page is online
04.12.2018: [GERMAN] Inside a volunteer year in South Africa Projektseite ist online
11.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Leaving MySpace
11.11.2018: [GERMAN] Ausstieg aus MySpace
09.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Start of the African Television Movie Website
01.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Encrypted e-mail reception / delivery via PGP now possible
01.11.2018: [GERMAN] Verschlüsselter E-Mail Empfang/Versand via PGP jetzt möglich
01.11.2018: [ENGLISH] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos online
01.11.2018: [GERMAN] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos online
08.10.2018: [English] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos premieres October 20th 2018
08.10.2018: [German] Inside Ethiopia - Debre Libanos ab 20. Oktober 2018
02.10.2018: [English] Welcome Bianca Arndt
02.10.2018: [German] Willkommen Bianca Arndt
27.09.2018: African Television Movie Beta Website online
01.09.2018: Thank you to Jennifer Sarah Boone
30.08.2018: Download of all original productions possible
23.08.2018: #RightNow goes to Paris
21.08.2018: Inside Ethiopia - Post Production of the new episode almost done
26.07.2018: New design and social media bar
26.07.2018: #RightNow Events Madrid & Amsterdam
26.07.2018: Ungeklärt (Cold and Open) - The new Original Writings is online
01.06.2018: Communication with Signal & iMessage
29.05.2018: Comment on social media distribution
28.05.2018: PayPal Me! - Donate Button
28.05.2018: Crowdfunding for VoiceOver financing
18.05.2018: CitySpeedView - Episode 2 is online
01.05.2018: Vanishing Point - Original Writings
01.05.2018: Original Writings is online
28.04.2018: Content deployment at
13.04.2018: The CitySpeedView page on our official website is unlocked
13.04.2018: New mobile page is online
11.04.2018: Right Now Berlin Tour from April 10th to 11th
08.04.2018: Inside Ethiopia is available for viewing on the official website
07.04.2018: Overview of the Original Productions now online
06.04.2018: VoiceOver for CitySpeedView
06.04.2018: CitySpeedView will start on April 13th and will be published monthly
04.04.2018: Mobile and English version of the official website online
03.04.2018: Official website is online
03.04.2018: Qualitative development of Nemeth/Star Productions productions
02.03.2018: The idea behind Original Writings
01.03.2018: Content delivery at Vero
28.02.2018: Inside Ethiopia - Season 2 progress
28.02.2018: Progress in the development of the SPACE-FRIDAY Series
26.02.2018: Introducing African Television Movie
28.01.2018: Website Development Status
28.01.2018: Status update to CitySpeedView
28.01.2018: African Television Movie supports production of CitySpeedView
03.01.2018: Original Writings included in the website
31.10.2017: The Music of CitySpeedView
31.10.2017: Welcome to CitySpeedView
30.07.2017: Website updates and further development
29.07.2017: Introduction of picture galleries
25.07.2017: CitySpeedView Tweet History
25.07.2017: Block IP addresses and IP ranges due to botanical issues
17.07.2017: Welcome and Website Development / Welcome and Website development

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